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Memories you have already captured on VHS tape can easily be moved to a DVD-R. Many people do not realize that tapes have a short life span. The quality of VHS recordings begin to deteriorate in just a few years. Each time a copy is made, the quality is also reduced.

When stored in a digital format, the quality remains for the life of the media. The DVD-R storage used by Diverse Sound is certified by the manufacturer to last more than 100 years. Any copy made digital to digital retains the quality when the images were first made. There is no loss as with analog copies.

Another advantage of DVD-R is the ability to select specific portions of saved images using a menu. Many VHS tapes have four or more events stored on the same tape. Viewing one event requires forwarding and reversing the tape to locate the starting position for viewing. Setting a menu on a DVD-R allows selection of the specific memory you want to revisit.

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Restoration & Repair

If you have a VHS tape that has begun to deteriorate, we may be able to recover some of that special moment. One client brought a VHS tape made 17 years ago where there was virtually no image when played through a tape player. The image was very dark and parts were simply black, but the audio portion of the recording was still intact. We were able to restore some of the image. While not as crisp as when it was initially recorded, it was salvaged and can now be retained and copied without further loss.

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