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Live Music

Diverse Sound provides a variety of musical experiences for your event. Choose a background soloist for an elegant touch to your setting; to a full-band experience making your big bash exceptional.

Create Your Own Musical Experience

Select the type and number of musicians that you would like, and we'll help you design a musical experience that will be perfect for your occasion or event.

  • Guitar
  • Piano/Keyboard
  • Vocals

We've described some of our musical experiences below. Photos and samples are provided. These are simply examples - we will work with you to tailor the appropriate musical ensemble for your event. Contact us to discuss your event.

Background Guitar & Vocals

Soft guitar and vocal music will create a warm, rich background for your wedding reception, anniversary party, birthday celebration, or any occasion where family and friends gather. Click here for our guitar & vocal song list. Listen to a sample of guitar and vocal music here.

PCB Keys

PCB Keys provides keyboard music for many occasions.


Visit the Protocol information page, song list, and question and answer page for more information about booking this four-member group. You can also hear a sample of Protocol's sound.

Blues Brothers

We can also arrange a Blues Brothers experience for your event!

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