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Anniversaries, birthdays, reunions, or any family event can be made more special and memorable with a photo montage. Whether created for viewing at the family gathering or created from photos and videos of the event to be viewed later, it is a great way to commemorate a special celebration.

Family member narration can also be included to add an intimate aspect to the presentation.

The montage can be created from photographs, 35mm slides, video clips, newspaper articles, and other items that can be scanned.

The photo montage can be created in a basic slide show format incorporating music and images with transitions between each image. Other effects may be included such as adding “motion” to the image by panning across the image or combining panning and zoom to highlight a specific section of the image. You may view the sample clips to see how some effects may be used. We would love to discuss all the possibilities with you for your specific situation.





Why We Are Unique

There are many companies providing photo montage services. We are different. We don't just "plug" your photos and music into a pre-set format. We collaborate with you to design a powerful expression of the meanings behind your images and music. Your montage will be unique and one-of-a-kind. Your memories deserve special treatment. Your photo montage will be something that you would be proud to share with your loved ones.

Contact us to find out just how affordable quality can be.

Copyright Information

We respect the intellectual and creative property of musicians. In order to ensure that copyright laws are observed, we will need a factory-produced CD of any commercial music you would like us to use. You will also be responsible to ensure that a factory-produced CD is owned by any person that you present with a copy of your photo montage.

Sample Clips

These clips are from photo montages that we have composed. Elly Savage, a Salt Lake City musician, composed and performed the music in both.

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